tirsdag 30. september 2014

First Day

And today was the first day of school, really exciting! Its been a long day, and I am happy to be going home, but this is going to be so much fun. 

lørdag 20. september 2014


Okay, so you know those days(read: weeks), when everything in your closet feels old and ugh? I´m having one of those those weeks now. It might have something to do with New York and all the beautiful beautiful clothes, I don't know, but I'm a student now(read: got no money) so I have to make the best of what I got. So here´s some late night inspiration.

Pictures: Tumblr and TheyAllHateUs
I love love love it chic and relaxed!!!

fredag 19. september 2014


Hailing a cab down in Soho the other night. This is an iPhonepic, but i kinda like it. 

tirsdag 16. september 2014


Today in SoHo. I think it might be my fave area in New York, but haven´t decided yet. 

I want to be...

Walking through the square in front of the Flatiron building today, I came across this big blackboard. At the top it said "I WANT TO BE...", and then there was hundreds of lines, all filled with hopes and dreams. I liked it a lot, thought was supercool!

lørdag 13. september 2014


Soho and a Chicken sandwich at the Mercer Kitchen. Both so good. 

Apartment Hunting

Today in Brooklyn. Breakfast on the sidewalk. Fresh coffee and a bagel. 

torsdag 11. september 2014

I´m here!!!!

I´M IN NYC. I don´t have an apt yet, so the next couple of weeks i´ll be apartment hunting. I love being back here, there is just something about this city, the energy is amazing. I don't have a camera yet either, so an iPhone pic have to do, running over to Best Buy to buy a camera later today. 


onsdag 10. september 2014

mandag 8. september 2014

Valentino Quijano

Pictures: Valentino Quijano

Just found this great artist, Valentino Quijano, who does both paintings and digital art. Simple, but powerful. These where three of my favorites

lørdag 6. september 2014


My new obsession: Culottes.
Extremely comfortable and super chic, great combo. Whats so great about it is that you can dress it down with sneakers or loafers and up by putting on a pair for heels.


Picture: Hippiehippiemilkshake(fav blog)

OK.. Four days left in Norway, and I have no idea where to start regarding my packing. How on earth am I going to fit all my clothes, shoes, jackets and purses in two (!!!!) suitcases!? Holy moly, I got some work cut out for me the next few days...